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Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Ok… I’m really sucking at this once a week thing.  I’m pulled in so many different directions that I’m lucky to get on here once a month.  NEW CREED: I’ll get on here and post new info as soon as I can!  There.

Anyways, so much to catch you up on!  First off, BEA was the BOMB! It was so much more than I expected.  I learned a lot, met a lot of interesting new folks and networked my rear end off…  I was completely caught off guard for everything that was there and I was feeling down on my self for not being better prepared but then I remembered that I never been to BEA and didn’t know what to expect… that was the entire reason for going; to know what to expect and hit it hard next year.  So look out NYC, I’ll be ready for you next year!

Bad news – I had to push the launch of the new title “The Basics of Money: Tips for the Individual and Young Couples” off from June until late July due to delays in printing our CDs and finalizing funding for the 1st print run.  Also, editing and corrections are taking longer than anticipated.  So our new target date is the end of July.  We’re still courting our secret weapon.  No progress has been made with that as of yet.

Good news – We are in talks for getting BOM added to the fall roster in a community college as supplemental text.  That is GREAT if you’re not already aware.   Also, we have a new investor!  The funds will be used for marketing, printing and overhead.  This is a much needed and appreciated boost in helping us reach our goals.  It shows that someone else believes in our vision and direction.

Shetia Mays of Mays Media Inc. has been contracted for all PR activities.  We’ve worked with Mays Media before and they are truly amazing.  They’re going to help spread the word about Aspiring Arts and our future authors so we can get the publicity our authors deserve.  Shetia works as hard for her clients as we do for our family!  I expect nothing but good things to come out of the relationship.

OK… That’s all I got for now.  I think you are as up to date as I am.  If I think of anything else, I’ll post again.  Otherwise, I’ll blog again shortly.

As always… Stay Blessed and Be Easy!