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Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

WHEW!!! We’ve made it past Tax Day and still have some bit of sanity!

What’s good.  I hope everyone is doing well. We’re off to a rough start.  I planned to be here every week and keep up the blog but between editing, planning, taxes and things, my 24 has been jammed packed!  Anyways, things are still moving ahead at full steam.  The application added with The Basics of Money book has been thoroughly tested and adapted for businesses for compliance with the tax season and I’m proud to announce that it passed with flying colors.  It’s ready to meet the public.  CD Label design is complete and we’re working on printing the labels, stuffing the sleeves and loading the application on each one.  And to help us make more industry connections, the AAP team will be attending the Book Expo of America at the L.A. Convention Center May 29th – June 1st.  This is the industry event of the year and imperative that we attend.  Be sure to check back after the conference for the details.  That’s all I got for now.  Just editing, finishing up pre-production details and still courting our secret connection. 

Till next time,

Stay blessed… Be easy!